Website & Apps

Why should you have terms and conditions?

Simple – to set out the rules that apply to people who visit your website or download and use your app and reduce your liability as much as possible. Just because you operate a website or provide an app doesn’t mean you want to incur unnecessary legal exposure.

Also, if you sell anything from your website or through you app, you will want to have terms and conditions that govern that sale (such as refund policies, shipping policies, payment terms, warranties under the Australian Consumer Law and other items).

Additional information for Websites

For more information about website terms and conditions click on any of the following:

Additional information for Mobile Apps

Click these links for more information on Mobile App Terms and Conditions and Development Agreements.

Google Play, App Store, Windows Store

Also its worth point out that depending on whether you’re developing an iOS app sold through the Apple Store, or an Android app sold through the Google Play or a Windows Phone app that will be sold through the Windows store, that there are different terms and conditions that apply.

For instance if you sell or make an app available through the Windows Store you can choose to use the Microsoft Standard Application Licence Terms for your app or you can, if you prefer, draft your own terms that replace the Standard Application Licence Terms.

Good to know but why would I want my own licence agreement – that’s easily answered, because it will be more favourably drafted than the Standard Microsoft Licence and therefore provide better protection, which is a small price to pay to reduce your legal risk.

Privacy Policies

Any discussion about Website and Apps would not be complete without talking about Privacy Policies. If you run a website or have an app we can cut to the chase on this one, you need a privacy policy.

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