Statement of Compliance

Statement of Compliance for a tender

If you are looking to respond to a tender, be it a request for tender or a request for quote or another market approach type document, invariably you will be asked to complete a statement of compliance as part of lodging your response to win the work.

What is a statement of compliance?

A tender, when released by a government agency or a company generally attaches a draft contract that the winning bidder signs up to and agrees to provide the services according. A statement of compliance then is a document that sets out how you would look to amend the contract.

The skill in dealing with a statement of compliance is juggling the balance between looking to amend the contract so that it is more beneficial to you but not looking to make too many amendments that would signal to the tendering agency that you are going to be hard, or difficult, or time-consuming to deal with, in which case they will probably look to deal with another party.

A lot of companies don’t realise that you are not obligated to sign up to the contract as issued in the tender and that you are free to make as many changes as you think are necessary to that draft contract document.

Here at the Contract Company, we have drafted statements of compliance for clients responding to tenders and we have also vetted many statements of compliance on behalf of the Commonwealth in response to tenders.

It’s fair to say we have a good understanding of what should be in a statement of compliance and what is pushing the amendments a bit too far and won’t be beneficial to your response.