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Don’t be fooled by the casual language on our website. We take our work product very seriously – just not ourselves. Set out below are some of the matters that the Contract Company team have been involved with over the years.

Our Legal Contract Services

Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

Need commercial documents that are part of a contract drafted or reviewed? No problems. Get in touch and we can help.
Commercial Contracts

Commercial Services

We can provide commercial services for small and large projects. IT Projects being a speciality.
Commercial Contracts

Commonwealth Contracts

Contracts used by the Commonwealth government have a particular flavour (think chilli ice-cream).
Commercial Contracts

Contract Review/Drafting

This is what we do, all day everyday. We are pretty good at it. Ok, that’s like saying Sir Don was ok with the bat. Capisce?
Commercial Contracts

Distressed Contracts

Have a high-value contract that’s potentially going up in flames. Think of us like a fire extinguisher. We’ll put out the fire. Read how.
Commercial Contracts


Practical experience. Tick. Been to Harvard’s Program on Negotiation school. Tick.
Commercial Contracts


A lot of time, money and sweat goes into creating IP. IP can be very valuable. Provide your IP by all means, but do it on legally protected terms.
Commercial Contracts

IT Projects

We’ve been involved in a lot of high profile, complex IT projects. Have a look at our experience. It speaks for itself.
Commercial Contracts


You don’t want to win a tender at all costs, but rather on terms that suit your business. We can help.
Commercial Contracts

Websites & Apps

Practical experience. Tick. Been to Harvard’s Program on Negotiation school. Tick.

Contract Drafting

That’s how many minutes we have spent drafting contracts. 

Contracts Reviewed

That's how many contracts we have reviewed

Contract Negotiation

Million dollars - our most expensive contract to date. 

Our Happy Clients

Happy with our Services? Engage us again? Happy to vouch for us?

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