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Don’t be fooled by the casual language on our website. We take our work product very seriously – just not ourselves. Set out below are some of the matters that the Contract Company team have been involved with over the years.

Our Legal Contract Services

Commercial Contracts

Business contracts are a way of life. Just make sure yours says what it should say and is legally reasonable. That way everyone wins.


Contracts aren’t just for the Alan Bonds of this world. If its personal we can help.

Contract Review/Drafting

This is what we do, all day everyday. We are pretty good at it. Ok, that’s like saying Sir Don was ok with the bat. Capisce?


Excited to sell or buy a business? Great! Now let’s make sure the terms are right so you get the best possible deal.

Employment & HR Policies

Clear unambiguous contracts and work policies have the ability to protect your business and the individual and can make the workplace a happier and healthier place. Aspirational, but true!

Start Up

You will have plenty of worries trying to get your new venture off the ground. We know. We’ve been there. Take legal worries off your list by palming them to us.


A lot of time, money and sweat goes into creating IP. IP can be very valuable. Provide your IP by all means, but do it on legally protected terms.

Websites & Apps

Working on the next Uber model? Good work! Hats off to you. Just make sure you cover yourself legally with appropriate terms and conditions and a privacy policy.