Purchaser Engagement

What Commercial Services do you provide when Engaged by a Purchaser?

When engaged by a Purchaser, our key aim is to extract maximum value for money out of the contract by holding the Vendor to account to provide all contracted services.

A typical Purchaser Engagement would be as follows (and generally arises where there is a disagreement about the services being, or to be, provided):

1. Contract Review – we review the contract to understand the legal terms and conditions, the commercial terms and the scope of services;

2. Scope Determination – we would analyse the scope of services to determine if the ‘new’ services (that are contentious) are in scope or out of scope

3. Out of Scope – we identify any out of scope services (if any) that the Purchaser requires;

4. Proposal or Bid Documentation Review  –  we assist the Purchaser by evaluating the bid or proposal that the Vendor provides, to the extent any of the ‘new’ services are out of scope. Our review of the bid or proposal would include:

  • SOW/SOR – a review of the services being offered vs the services required by the Purchaser;
  • KPIs – a review of any key performance indicators or service levels that the services must meet and an analysis of which KPIs should be tightened or varied;
  • Pricing – an assessment of the prices being offered for the goods or services; and
  • Contract Documentation – an analysis of the current contract with a view to putting in place the most appropriate method for contracting these services (e.g. by way of a Contract Variation Proposal or Contract Change Proposal to the main contract, or a new contract).

4. Negotiation – we can undertake negotiation with the Vendor to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the new services to be provided.

5. Contract Creation or Modification – once the bid has been accepted and negotiated we can then draft or review the relevant Contract, Contract Variation Proposal or Contract Change Proposal so that the new services are clearly defined and documented.

How can the Contract Company help me?

Set out above is a typical engagement where we are engaged by a Purchaser to provide Commercial Services. We can help with the above and more. Check out our Experience.

We are all about efficiency, so as we like to say, do it once, and do it right.