Intellectual property (IP) and information technology (IT)

The IT and IP areas are where it’s at in this day and age. If you aren’t protecting your IP and putting in place watertight IP and/or IT agreements then you are leaving yourself exposed. We have seen this first hand.

In order to reduce your legal exposure and for the sake of clarity and certainty you should put in place written agreements for the following:

  • Websites – for standard websites, selling goods, selling services, selling goods and services, conducting a marketplace or other website platforms
  • Software licences – for software as a service, click wrap terms and conditions, end user licence agreements
  • Software maintenance and support – when you are support and maintaining your software
  • Mobile App terms and conditions – your app terms and conditions can go a long way to protect you if things go wrong, and you shouldn’t rely on some of the standard terms and conditions that can be found in the Apple App store, Google Play store, Windows store etc, as those agreements are designed to protect the store owner (i.e. Apple, Google etc) and not you as the app publisher. You should put in place your own app licence agreement that protects you.
  • Data Supply and Subscription agreements – these are relevant if you have data that you are providing to third parties
  • General IP Licences – copyright and trade mark licences

Here at the Contract Company IP and IT is our bread and butter. We have been involved in projects that surpass the $2 billion mark (UK Passports program) and numerous aviation related IT projects, have a look at our experience if you are interested. As you can see we have dealt with many IP and IT related issues over the years, so we understand the issues businesses face in relation to protecting and commercialising their IP and/or IT.

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