Commercial Services

What are Commercial Services?

We define ‘commercial services’ to be the developing of commercial documents that will be used in a contract.

We are often called upon to provide commercial services and develop commercial documents given our significant contract experience.

For instance commercial services could be any of the following:

1. Pricing Models – defining and documenting pricing models;

2. Service Levels – defining and documenting service levels;

3. SOW or SOR  –  drafting a statement of work or statement of requirement. For example we can assist by taking a statement of work that has been drafted by a technical expert and convert it to a legally binding set of obligations so that:

  • the scope of services being provided under the contract are clear; and
  • the obligations imposed in the SOW or SOR are clear.


4. Performance Criteria or KPIs – ensuring that any performance metrics in the contract,  such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are:

  • comprehensive,
  • easy to understand, and
  • the cost of failure to meet the relevant KPI is quantifiable.


5. CCPs or CVPs or PCRs – we have drafted or reviewed hundreds of contract change documents. As you will appreciate these are required to ensure that a contract is up to date. Generally the contract chance is undertaken by way of a  Contract Change Proposal (CCP) or Contract Variation Proposal (CVP) or Project Change Request (PCR) – where there is a project that sits under a head type agreement (e.g. with some Commonwealth Defence ASDEFCON based projects).

How can the Contract Company help me?

We can help with any of the above and more. Check out our Experience.

We are all about efficiency, so as we like to say, do it once, and do it right.