The Best Commercial Contract Lawyers in Australia

Firstly, what is commercial contracts?

Commercial contract is any agreement that has anything to do with doing business. Hells bells that’s broad isn’t it? ‘Yes’ is the only way to answer that.

Generally though, most contracts have a certain structure and so once you have looked at a few hundred of them (or a few thousand in our case) it becomes relatively easy to work out where the legal issues are in relation to the relevant contract.

A contract that is well drafted will undoubtedly provide you and your business many benefits like, clarity in a business partnership and agreements. Having a contract will also help both parties avoid potential contract disputes and litigation.

If you’re looking for commercial contract experts you can rely – we have got you covered. We’re highly professionals commercial contract lawyer. We’ve drafted over 1,685, 981 contracts and reviewed over 3, 289 contract documents since inception. Contracts are what we deal with every day! Trust us, our commercial agreements, and any business contracts we do stands the test of time.

Types of Agreements?

So what sorts of business agreements does that cover – well commercial or business contracts would cover the following types of agreements:

These are all types of commercial contracts – there are lots of other types of contracts.

Just to be clear though, we haven’t listed all the types of commercial contracts that we have dealt with over the years (just the main ones) as it would put you to sleep reading the list! No joke… I nodded off slightly just typing this.

How can you help me?

Experience is important though when it comes to reviewing or advising on the structure of the contract in question (and not just the legal issues in the document). In other words, it’s only after you have reviewed many different types of contracts varying in complexity that you develop a real ability to value add by being able to comment on both the legal and commercial nature of the transaction in question. If you need a commercial contract drafted, expert advice or someone is asking you to sign a commercial contract then please contact us:

  1. to draft the contract for you; or
  2. to review the contract before you sign it.
We are all about efficiency, so as we like to say, do it once, and do it right.