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What are Website terms and Conditions?

Website terms and conditions, also known as website terms of use, form part of the framework of your online presence as a business owner. Website terms and conditions form a contract between the users of your website and you as the website owner. They set out the rules that the user has to abide by when using your website such as how they can use the website and the information on the website. They also need to include a disclaimer which limits your liability for the website.

Why do I need website terms and conditions?

Website terms and conditions provide clarity for users of your website, even if you don’t sell anything directly through your website. They help to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts with customers and users of your website. They also provide you with some rights to take action if users of your website don’t abide by your terms and conditions. Finally, website terms and conditions can reduce your liability for the content of the website and how the website is used (as long as you include effective limitation of liability clauses on your website).

What should I include in my website terms and conditions?

Your website terms and conditions should be tailored to the content of your website. Have a think about how people will use your website and the potential problems that could arise. If you are providing an information service, you probably want to make sure that people aren’t relying on the information on your website information in the place of professional advice. If you are providing a chat or information sharing forum, or enabling people to comment on articles, you probably want to make sure that users don’t post inappropriate content and if they do that you can prevent them from using your website and that you won’t be liable for what they shared.

The basic key terms you should include are:
1. Information on how the website can and cannot be used
2. A term protecting your copyright and other intellectual property
3. A liability disclaimer for the website and its content

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What is the difference between website terms and conditions and website sales terms and conditions?

Website terms and conditions apply to all users of your website, whether or not they are making a purchase from your website. Website sales terms and conditions dictate the terms of a transaction on your website and only apply to website users who purchase something through your website. If your website sells goods or services (or both), you need to have both website terms and conditions and terms and conditions for your online sales. Generally both of these terms and conditions are combined into one document (with different sections.)

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