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Why Do I Need An Exhibitor Agreement?

For most businesses and organisations, running an exhibition is a big investment of money, time, and resources. Exhibitors and organisers will put in all the effort so that the exhibit will be a huge success.

A good exhibitor agreement is crucial to ensure both parties have a clear plan for the success of the entire exhibit.

What Happens If I Don’t Put in Place an Exhibitor Agreement?

Exhibitors and organisers will do all they can to put up a great show. Having said this, it is important to establish a contract where both parties agree what the terms of participation in the exhibit are.

Failing to put in place an exhibitor agreement means you may have no contractual protection when something goes wrong.

For instance what if there is a fire at the exhibition centre 2 months before the event such that you need to cancel the exhibition. If you had clear termination rights in the contract then you will be able to cancel the event with no penalty.

This is one simple example of why it is important to lay out a clear and defined exhibitor agreement.

What Are The Key Clauses in an Exhibitor Agreement?

An Exhibitor is a company or person exhibiting goods or services at a trade show, event, or any type of exhibiting experience.

An organiser is the one responsible for the planning and coordinating of the exhibit.

Definition section

  • You will want to clearly define the term “Exhibitor” and specify who it includes (e.g. servants, agents, or employees of a specific company, or is it just an individual whose stand space has been assigned for the sole purpose of exhibiting)?

Promotion and Marketing

  • Are the organisers entitled to use or reproduce the exhibitor’s logo or trademark when promoting the event?
  • And vice versa, can the exhibitor market that they are going to attend the exhibition and market the exhibition event.


  • How much does the exhibitor have to pay for their booth (etc) at the exhibition?


  • Is the exhibitor liable to pay half or full of the overall costs before the day of the event?
  • What are the payment methods, payment deadlines, or the arrangement in the event the exhibitor fails to pay such fees on or before the given deadline?
  • Can the exhibitor cancel up to a certain number of days before the event? If not, what are the liabilities which might incur once cancellation occurs?

Application for Stand Space

  • Is the stand space allocated on the first come first serve basis, or with the exhibitor’s preference, or can an exhibitor pay more for a better stand, what is the process?
  • Can the organiser arbitrarily move an exhibitor without the exhibitor’s consent once payment has been made?

Occupation of Stand Space

  • What are the dates and times the exhibitor may enter the event premises to install or prepare their exhibits?
  • In the event an exhibitor fails to enter his allocated space, can the organisers reallocate, re-occupy or otherwise deal with space as they decide?
  • Do the organisers have the right to deny the occupation or use of a stand space until all the sums due to them from the exhibitor have been paid?

Display Installation

  • What are the rules for displaying the exhibit?
  • Is it okay if the display obstructs the lighting or impedes view along gangways or open spaces?
  • Should all electrical installations or connections be carried out by the organiser or the Exhibitor or a nominated third party contractor?

Electrical Requirements

  • Aside from electrical supplies provided by the official electrical contractor appointed by the organiser, will there be additional lighting or power services available to the exhibitor?
  • Can the organiser decline or remove any electrical equipment of the exhibitor in which the organiser considers not to comply with the regulations being reinforced or they believe to be dangerous?
  • Who is liable for the loss, damage, cost, or expenses for these electrical supplies?

Exhibitor’s Conduct?

  • Is the exhibitor allowed to bring or distribute alcoholic drinks into the exhibit?
  • Can the exhibitor operate games or lottery devices as a recreation pastime without the organiser’s consent?
  • Is the exhibitor allowed to use live microphones, loudspeaker equipment, or other sound systems in any place other than where they are assigned to?

Dangerous Materials and Displays

  • What are the regulations or conditions concerning explosives, combustible, and other dangerous materials used in the exhibit?

Fire Precautions

  • Do all inflammable materials need to be effectively fireproofed or undergone a statutory inspection?
  • Do empty boxes or any packing materials need to be stored behind or on stands?

As you can see there are plenty of things to think about when putting in place an exhibition agreement.

If you need someone to help you with your exhibitor agreement or any contract, call us at 1800 355 455 and our contract lawyers will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

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