Maintaining confidentiality is incredibly important in the workplace and we’re going to tell you why

Hello everyone, Simon here from The Contract Company: one of Australia’s best and most trusted contract experts. We live and breathe contract law, literally.

So, yes, you want to know why confidentiality is so important in professional environments. And, of course, you want to know how to maintain confidentiality in the workplace.

Okay. Well, the quick answer is: the last thing you want is everyone knowing what goes on in your business.

But, what does that mean, you say? Well, allow me to break it down for you here…

Three common branches of Confidential Information in the Workplace

If you run a business, you will usually encounter three branches of sensitive or confidential information: employee info, customer details and data, and information surrounding your products, goods or services (including plans and pricing).

To remain safe, secure, and compliant at all times, considering all three types of sensitive information is essential. No ifs, no buts, no compromises.

With this in mind, you must make sure that every one of your employees sign up for confidentiality clauses within their official employment agreements. That way, they will be legally bound to keep your company affairs private.

So, by signing a confidentiality clause, your employees cannot disclose any of these branches of sensitive information, either internally or externally.

Also, they can’t divulge any customer details, information or data which, in turn, will ensure you remain data protection compliant.

Confidentiality in the Workplace: a major priority

Let’s say your business produces a service, product or document containing confidential information, a simple example would be a profit margins rate spreadsheet.  The last thing you want is your employees running off and sharing this most sensitive information with their friends or even worse, your competitors.

Also, you wouldn’t want people to know where you source your goods or who manufactures them.

On that note: I’m a devoted fly fisherman…there are some US businesses that make top of the line fly fishing stuff. And I know for sure that it’s made in China, but you never know where, exactly.

Of course, that’s a good thing for the fishing gear supplier as they don’t want you going  direct to the manufacturer in China, cutting them out of the process entirely. Their revenue would drop through the floor.

A prime example as to why you need to maintain confidentiality in the workplace. This is highlights the need to have solid employer agreements in place to protect your privacy at all times.

Note: It’s vital that you educate your employees as to what they should and shouldn’t say when dealing with members of the general public, as well as each other in the workplace (or in the bar after work).

Maintain confidentiality in the workplace and you will enjoy a brighter, more prosperous business future.

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