Every good business website deserves a good terms & conditions page. 

Many business owners don’t feel like adding a T&Cs section to their website is important—but they’re wrong.

What You NEED To Include In Your Website’s Terms & Conditions

What You NEED To Include In Your Website’s Terms & Conditions

Why do I need a terms & conditions section for my website?

Well, there are five definitive reasons you need a terms & conditions for your website. With terms & conditions section:

  1. You can prevent spam and service abuses.
  2. You can take ownership of your content.
  3. You can terminate accounts or prevent website access if necessary.
  4. You can significantly reduce liability issues.
  5. You can take charge of your business operations by setting the governing law.

Website terms & conditions create a legally binding contract between you and your customers or partners. In creating an official contract, you will prevent a host of costly blunders, situations or oversights later down the line.

In that sense, website terms & conditions are vital—no exceptions, no compromises.

What should I include in my website terms & conditions?

Knowing what you NEED to include in your website’s terms & conditions can seem a little tricky, but as long as you cover the essentials, you will cover yourself.

To help you on your quest for website terms & conditions success, we’ve created a handy checklist.

Work though our essential website terms & conditions checklist, taking the time to delve into each potential section in a little detail (you can always contact us if you get stuck) and you will ensure your T&Cs are watertight:

  •  A clear outline of the products or services you provide (suggested title: Products & Services).
  • Detailed pricing and payment information (suggested title: Prices & Payment).
  • Your shipping and delivery terms and timeframes (suggested title: Shipping & Delivery).
  • Information outlining your guarantees and warranties (suggested title: Guarantees & Warranties).
  • Your policies for returns and refunds explained in detail (suggested title: Refunds & Returns).
  • A full rundown of your complaints procedure and resolution times (suggested title: Complaints Procedure).
  • The dos and don’ts of your liability policy and how far it extends concerning conflicts and damages (suggested title: Limitation of Liability).
  • An explanation of your ownership over intellectual property such as your photographs, graphics and similar assets (suggested title: Intellectual Property Rights).
  • A section detailing how you will notify your customers if your terms and conditions change in any way (suggested title: Future Changes).
  • A final part that states who your terms & condition rules or laws are governed by (suggested title: Governing Law).

Work through every section included in our website terms & conditions checklist with care, publishing the content in appropriate places, and you will protect yourself. And once you’ve completed your website terms & conditions, you can continue to focus on what you do best—running a successful business.

If you need professional advice or assistance, we’re here for you. Our professional legal contract service covers the whole of Australia and our prices as well as service are second to none.

Fill out the contact form or call us on 1800 355 455 and we will be happy to create 100% professional, comprehensive, and legally binding terms & conditions for your website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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