– What types of employment agreements are there in Australia, and which one do you need? Well, stick around and I’ll tell you.

Hi, it’s Simon here from the Contract Company. Contracts, it’s what we do all day every day and sometimes overnight, lucky us.

Righto, so what are the types of employment agreements and which one do you need? Well, obviously, you need the type that matches the type and manner of employment that you’re being employed under.

Righto, what does that mean. Righto, let’s just get into the nuts and bolts of this.

What are the Types of Employment Contracts?

There are full-time employment agreements, part-time employment agreements, casual employment agreements, then there are contract employment agreements, which can be full time or part-time. So let’s run through them.

Full-Time Employment Agreement

A full-time employment agreement is when you’re being employed generally for 38 to 48 hours a week, which is the standard employee.

Part-Time Employment

Then you’ve got part-time employees who work dedicated shifts every week, and they’re employed under part-time arrangements.

Casual Employment

Then you have a casual employment agreement where someone is employed on an ad hoc basis, meaning they have no set hours and they are just employed as and when the business needs them.

Fixed-Term Contracts

Then you’ve got fixed-term contracts which can be full time or part-time. So a fixed-term contract means you are employed for a fixed period of time or to achieve a fixed result.

So you might be employed, say, for 18 months or to achieve a project, and then at the conclusion of either the project or the 18 months, then you’re employment agreement ends.

And as I said, that can be full time, so while you were there, in my example, for 18 months, you could be employed for 38 hours a week. Or if you are a part-time, so a fixed-term contract that was part-time, then you’re employed for 18 months but only for, you know, 10, 15, 28 hours a week, whatever it is.

And then I should also mention, too, there are contractor agreements, but I’m only mentioning them because some people bundle them in as the same and they’re not.

So you got employees over here who are in accrual as rights as employees, then you’ve got legitimate independent contractors which sit off on the side.

In Summary

So what, running through them again,

  • you’ve got full-time employment agreement,
  • part-time employment agreement,
  • casual employment agreement,
  • then you’ve got a fixed-term contract which can be full time or part-time.

And then you do have a couple of other smaller or more random agreements but I won’t mention those ’cause that’ll just confuse you ’cause I know they confuse me.

All right, I hope that helps. So they are the main types of employment agreements that exist in Australia.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. 1800355455 or simon@contractcompany.com.au. Thank you.

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