Dry hire vs wet hire agreements, what’s the difference? Well, stick around and I’ll tell you.

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Dry Hire vs Wet Hire Agreements

So, a dry hire agreement is the right to hire the item or the machinery, and a wet hire agreement is the right to hire the machinery and the services that go with it.

So simple example, hiring a bottle would be a dry hire agreement, as long as it’s an empty bottle. A wet hire agreement would be the bottle full of wine. So that to me is a really simple and basic example.

So just getting slightly more sophisticated, if you wanted to hire an aircraft, just hiring the plane itself and a plane that’s functional and flies would be a dry hire agreement. A wet hire agreement would be an aircraft or an airplane with the cabin crew, i.e., the pilot and the crew to man the plane.

So dry hire, wet hire, empty bottle, full bottle, that’s the way I think about it.

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