You’ve survived this far without a contract lawyer, so why would do you need to hire a contract lawyer now? We’ve got seven reasons for you:

Reason 1: Save Hours of Employee Time – And Get Better Results

We’re the first to admit that contracts can be complicated, especially if you’re not used to dealing with them. Checking over your contracts and making changes yourself might feel like the cheap option, but the amount of time it takes you or your employees to understand and edit a contract is a waste. Especially when you also consider that they may not make those correctly.

A specialist contract lawyer will not only look over your contracts far quicker, but you’ll have the added assurance that a trained professional has considered every angle.

Reason 2: Get Specialist Experience

When you’ve got an important contract on the horizon you need more than just an interested generalist; you need an expert. A contract lawyer can ensure that that vital contract – whether it’s a franchise agreement, partnership agreement, or anything else – is drafted and negotiated correctly and in a way that benefits your business. Who better to do that that some that has done that thousands (literally) of times before.

Reason 3: Prevent Contract Problems Before They Happen

There are only two ways you can find out you have a problem with a contract: before it happens and after. If it’s the latter, the damage has already been done.

Many businesses have bad contracts that are “dormant” – they haven’t caused a problem yet, but they have the potential to. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting to see if a problem will crop up; this habit will cost your business time and money over the long term. Instead, get a contract lawyer to review all your contracts and put a stop to problems before they cause you problems.

Reason 4: Receive Help Negotiating

A contract lawyer can help your business negotiate your contracts effectively, getting the best deal for you and your business. They will help you spot which terms can hurt your business and suggest ways the contract can be improved to best benefit your business.

Reason 5: Ensure Your Contracts Are Legally Binding

Your contracts can’t protect your business if they’re written improperly. Worst case scenario, a contract may not be legally binding, leaving you with no recourse if the other party reneges on their end of the deal. In other words whats the point of going to all that effort to put in place a contract only to find out its not worth the paper its printed on. Hire a contract lawyer and you will prevent this from happening.

Reason 6: Increase Your Likelihood of Winning Tenders

Your statement of compliance is a key document when bidding for a tender, setting out how you intend to amend the other party’s original contract. Formulating this document is a careful balancing act between getting a good deal and coming across as a business that will be too difficult to deal with. When you hire a  contract lawyer, he or she help you tread that line and get the best deal possible for your business.

Reason 7: The Other Party Also Has a Contract Lawyer

You can bet that in any serious business negotiation the other has a contract lawyer working on their side. Without your own contract lawyer, your business is at a distinct disadvantage and is likely to come off worse in any negotiation. Think about turning up to a gun fight without a gun…. not a good position to be in.

Don’t have a contract lawyer yet? We can help – even if you’re in a hurry. Contact our team today to find out more.

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