Who runs the Contract Company?

About Us

The Contract Company was founded by Anna and Simon in 2011.

Simon Zarifeh

I once had a client say in a negotiation that ‘Simon can spot a contract issue at 500 yards whilst riding a horse backward at night in a snowstorm’. It was a very nice thing to say, but not quite true…I can’t ride a horse.

On any given day I would look at between 1 and 10 contracts, and I have been a lawyer for many ‘days’ (since February 2000). So maybe my client referred to above was right. In any event, if its contract-related I know I can help.

When I am not surfing the fine print I don’t mind the odd spot of fly fishing. In fact, most of the photos on this website come from one outdoor adventure or another.

Anna Zarifeh

If you need a contract gone over with a fine-tooth comb then I am the person for the job. I once saw a drafting error on a contract in the CBD whilst doing a bridge climb on the Sydney harbour bridge. Nothing abnormal about that… visibility was good that day and the range was just over 1km.

I have worked on 1-page contracts right up to one monster that was over 750 pages long. (Needed a trolley to get that from the printer to my desk). Experience with contracts isn’t just about understanding what’s in a contract but also having a good idea about which clauses the other side could move on and how much they could move. The knowledge that comes from experience.

A swim or a bike ride will easily pull my head out of a contract.

Contract Drafting

That’s how many minutes we have spent drafting contracts. 

Contracts Reviewed

That's how many contracts we have reviewed

Contract Negotiation

Million dollars - our most expensive contract to date. 

Our Experience And Expertise

Don’t be fooled by the casual language on our website. We take our work product very seriously – just not ourselves. Set out below are some of the matters that the Contract Company team have been involved with over the years.

Website, Mobile App, IT and IP agreements
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • Mobile App licences – Apple and Android
  • Online Services
  • Software licences and Click Wrap
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Data Supply
  • Hardware
General Commercial Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Share Sales
  • Share Subscription
  • Employment Agreements and HR policies
  • Co founder Agreements
  • IP Licences
  • IP Assignments
Tendering and Procurement
  • Service Agreements
  • Contractor and Consultancy Agreements
  • Joint Venture / Collaboration
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Deeds of Settlement
  • Privacy Policies
  • Option Agreements

Why not contact us today, and enquire about Commercial Contracts, IP & IT Agreements, Commonwealth Contracts, a Distressed Contract, Negotiation, or any other type of business agreement or contract. We are confident we can help.

Our Happy Clients

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