We only deal with contracts. That’s it. All day, everyday.

Specialist Contract Lawyers

We only deal with contracts. That’s it. All day, everyday. So if you have a contract that needs to be drafted, reviewed, amended or negotiated we can help!

What do we know about writing code for a mobile app (client #86), training camels so they can be milked (client #414), or keeping 60,000 trees and plants alive and healthy (yep another client) not much! But we do know a thing or two about contracts.

Ok we are being modest…we can sniff out a legal issue from the fumes of a laser printer as it prints out a contract 2 kilometres upwind. Well we did it once, no reason why we couldn’t do it again.

Browse through our website to learn why we are the commercial contract lawyers you should call for all of your legal contract services including business contractsnegotiating and drafting business agreements, contract reviewscommercial agreements and commercial law.

Contract Drafting

That’s how many minutes we have spent drafting contracts.

Contract Review

That’s how many contracts we have reviewed. We can spot a legal or commercial risk at 20 paces. Leave the pistols at home.

Contract Advice and negotiation

That’s the value, in millions, of the most expensive contract we have advised on and negotiated. Took 9 months. Nearly gave us glasses.

Why Choose The Contract Company

To draft, review, handle, prepare or provide all your commercial business contracts and all other agreements you need.

Fast Efficient Turnaround

We’ll turn your request around faster than Ayrton Senna at Monaco in 1990.

Easy to Work With

Our work product is first class, we just do it in a humble and humorous way. No point taking life too seriously.

Fixed Price

That one speaks for itself.

Our Guarantee

Not happy? Let us know and we’ll refund your money.

Thousands of Contracts

We have seen thousands of different agreements. Literally.

Fair Prices

Great service at a fair price. What’s not to like?

Our Services


Need commercial documents that are part of a contract drafted or reviewed? No problems. Get in touch and we can help.


Contracts used by the Commonwealth government have a particular flavour (think making chilli ice-cream). An acquired skill set. We’ve got it.


This is what we do, all day everyday. We are pretty good at it. Ok, that’s like saying Sir Don was ok with the bat. Capisce?


Have a high-value contract that’s potentially going up in flames. Think of us like a fire extinguisher. We’ll put out the fire. Read how.


Practical experience. Tick. Been to Harvard’s Program on Negotiation school. Tick.


A lot of time, money and sweat goes into creating IP. IP can be very valuable. Provide your IP by all means, but do it on legally protected terms.


We’ve been involved in a lot of high profile, complex IT projects. Have a look at our experience. It speaks for itself.


You don’t want to win a tender at all costs. But rather on terms that suit your business.


Working on the next Uber model? Good work! Hats off to you. Just make sure you cover yourself legally with appropriate terms and conditions and a privacy policy.

Our Promise To You

No Risk

We are in the business of lowering blood pressure levels… not raising them. So if you are not happy let us know and we will keep working until you are. No issues.


Some comments from our biggest fans. No bias here... just true stories.

Thank you so much for your help with the employment contract. Your service was excellent, touching base on the same day. The information you shared Simon and going through what I needed to amend in the contract was valued information. Would be happy to recommend your services. Thanks again.


Simon provided great assistance with reviewing legal documentation for my startup and turned things around quickly. Pleasure to work with.


Simon was a pleasure to deal with. Excellent sense of humour and got the job done promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Simon to my closest business associates.


Simon is great!!!! He went above and beyond what he had quoted and even spent extra hours reviewing amendments that was not in the initial scope. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone and will not hesitate to use him again.


Simon was great. After looking at 6 quotations I found Simon had gone further into detail than any other lawyer, he continued with producing website terms and conditions and a privacy policy that were on the mark in every way. He was very accurate and covered every point I asked for in detail at a very reasonable price, unlike some of the ridiculous prices I got from other lawyers. I highly recommend Simon above anyone else and will use him again. Thanks!


Simon was fantastic. He was prompt, professional and extremely helpful given the short time frame I asked him to work with! He did a great job and left me feeling relieved! Would highly recommend his services.


Our Happy Clients

Happy with our Services?checkEngage us again?checkHappy to vouch for us?check

Our Happy Clients

Happy with our Services?check
Engage us again?check
Happy to vouch for us?check

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