Do Business on YOUR Terms!

Get a Custom Contract that Protects You!

If business was a game, our contracts would be a ‘get out of jail free‘ card.

Do business without the risk.

Do Business on YOUR Terms!


Get a Custom Contract that Protects you!

We are experts at Drafting and Reviewing CONTRACTS!

If you do business in Australia you can DRASTICALLY reduce your business risk by using contracts to your advantage. Contact us to get covered.

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The Contract Company Advantage

These are the BENEFITS of working with the Contract Company:
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DIY Traditional Law Firms Online Law Firms
No Office Visits Required
Easy to Deal with
Experience in drafting contracts
Ability to talk to a specialist contract Lawyer
Same day consultations
Fast — within 24 hours if required
Online Quotes
Fixed Price
Unlimited Contract Revisions
Keep your contract Evergreen
Store your signed Contract
Only deal with Contracts
Have seen over 4185 Contracts Unlikely Highly Unlikely
Have worked on 5+ contracts valued at over $200 million each Only Some TOP Tier Firms Highly Unlikely
Have spent more than 41,083 hours DRAFTING and REVIEWING Contracts Only some specific lawyers Highly Unlikely

Our Free Videos

How  to work out if you should sign a contract – in 15 Seconds!

The quick and dirty on whether you should sign a contract! 

How to Terminate a Contract?

Planning to terminate a contract? This video sets out the process for how you can terminate a contract.

The main Employment Agreement Types in Australia!

Watch this to find out about the 3 main types of employment agreements in Australia.


What do you do when you HAVE to sign a Contract and it has unfavourable terms?

This video gives you some practical advice about what you can do if you have to sign a contract and it has bad contract terms.


Don’t sign that Employment Agreement!

Watch this to find out about what you should look for in an Employment Agreement – before you sign it. 


Can you Use an Image without Consent?

This video will tell you if you can use the image of a person in a photo to promote your business.

Who Owns the IP – Employee or Employer?

Who owns the IP between an employee and an employer?

What is a Secondment Agreement?

This short video will tell you what a secondment agreement is.

Copyright vs Patent – 3 key differences

Learn The 3 Key Differences Of Copyright vs Patent. Watch This!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?

We only do work on a fixed fee basis. We will tell you what that fixed fee is before we do anything and once you agree to it we start work. We stick to our quotes. We know that our fixed prices are VERY Competitive in the legal services market.

Unlike other firms our quotes include unlimited rounds of changes. We want you to be happy with your document.

Surprises are best left for birthdays!

When can you get this to me?

As soon as you need it. Within 24 hours? No problem. Seriously.

In nearly all circumstances we can get you documents when you need them, except ‘yesterday’ (as our time travel machine needs a new fuse).

So just let us know when you need the work done and we will hit your timelines. Invariably we deliver before the scheduled time and date.

How do I know that you are good at what you do?

Good question. That is not hard to asnwer, but hard to make you believe our answer. 

We will simply say this – we have looked at thousands of contracts. Literally. We know what should be in them and what shouldn’t be.

Plus we can see a commercial risk at 1000 yards at night in a snowstorm with one eye shut. But you don’t need to take our word for it, have a look at some of our testimonials plus we offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee if you are not happy.

Where do you provide services?

Australia wide.

Given the state of technology, we are not geographically limited to providing services in one city. We have clients from Port Douglas to Perth and most places in between!

Plus most key laws in Australia are Commonwealth laws, so where you are located is largely irrelevant.

Can I come in and see you?

Generally ‘no’. We operate online and over the phone. Our business model has been structured like this to keep costs as low as possible so that we can provide sharp prices to you.

But in saying that, this is not a hard and fast rule and if you feel like coming past and buying us a coffee we won’t say ‘no’ (a skinny lactose-free decaf mocha for me please. Ha! Jokes .. I don’t do decaf ).

What one bit of advice would you give me before hiring a lawyer?

That’s easy, you will get the best result from a contract lawyer that is experienced (so they know what they are doing and the most efficient way of getting it done whilst still legally protecting you), provides fixed fee quotes, provides timely and detailed responses and is easy to deal with.

If you find all those traits in a lawyer/law firm then you have hit legal nirvana. On that, we were thinking of changing our name from The Contract Company to

Don’t take our word for it… Check out our value packed Contract Videos and our Google Reviews to see what our clients have to say about us.

Our legal contracts
won’t leave you wondering